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  • 2017 Scholarship Recipient Carlos Perez
  • 2017 Scholarship Recipient Xavier Jenkins
  • 2017 Scholarship Recipient Alannah Hamilton
  • 2017 Scholarship Recipient Hannah Gould
The Randolph Field Education Foundation(RFEF) is proud to award  monetary scholarships to four  Seniors graduating from Randolph High School.  In order to be considered for an RFEF scholarship, please submit the following information and essay no later than Friday the 30th of March, 2018 before 3:30 PM.  Submissions may be dropped off at the high school counselor’s office.  Resumes, Letters of Recommendation, Transcripts, and any other documents will not be accepted for consideration.


Information: Cover Sheet

Full Name


Years of attendance at RFISD

Post Graduation plans (military, college, technical school, other)


Essay:  Please address the following two prompts. (500 words or less, double spaced)

How has your education at Randolph prepared you for the next chapter of your life?

Who or what department was instrumental in your success at Randolph High School? Provide examples/specifics



Coach Bob Mickler Memorial Scholarship

Selection Criteria


Name: Coach Bob Mickler Memorial Scholarship
Occurrence: One scholarship shall be awarded each May, beginning in   May of 2018.  It will be awarded for as many years as the    scholarship fund contains sufficient monies to fund it.
Recipient: Randolph High School Senior Student Athlete
Amount: $500
Nomination: Nominating Committee shall be composed of the Head Coaches from each athletic team. Each committee member/sponsor will have one vote, regardless of the number of teams they may coach.
Athletic Teams: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Powerlifting, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, Golf, Bowling, Cheer, and Dance
Qualification: Each nominee must meet the following qualifications:

·        Participated in an Athletic program at Randolph High School

·        Achieved a 3.0 or higher GPA through-out high school

·        Exhibited leadership qualities towards fellow team mates, encouraging them to be all they can be by both example and mentorship

·        Exhibited outstanding sportsmanship to fellow team mates and competitors when representing Randolph High School

·        Has expressed an intention to pursue a post high school education or military service.

Time Table: The following time table shall be followed each year:

·        September- RFEF Board determines the Nominating Committee

·        September-RFEF Board Secretary notifies Nominating Committee members of scholarship criteria and solicits their acceptance

·        January-RFEF Board Secretary reminds Nominating Committee members that Nominee must be determined and reported to Board by March 31

·        April-RFEF Board reviews Nominating Committee’s nomination

·        May-RFEF Board presents scholarship award at annual awards banquet