Guidelines for Grant Applications

To apply for a grant, submit a type-written letter to the RFEF that addresses the following:

  1. Name, date, and title of the requestor. Also, include what department you work in at RFISD and what Expense Period you are applying for.
  2. How many students or staff will benefit from being awarded this grant? Please explain how this grant aligns with your particular curriculum guidelines.
  3. Have monies for this particular event/item/etc. been requested through other channels? Are there other organizations/grants/contests you’ve requested this money from? RFEF monies will be returned to the RFEF should these requested funds be awarded to the requestor from another source before expending.
  4. Have your department head/chairperson sign this request, verifying that these funds are unavailable through previously awarded RFISD grants currently being expended.
  5. Email grant request to

Following the expenditure of grant monies, please send a brief after-action report to the RFEF by the established deadlines to include the impact of receiving this grant.